Reminders and auto follow-ups

Have you ever forgotten to send an email or follow up with somebody because they never replied? It can easily happen because of your busy day-to-day schedule. Docsify will remind you with an auto follow-up if someone doesn’t respond and even doesn’t view your attachments or click your links.

Never forget to follow up

After the first email in your one-to-one communication, usually you don’t need to follow up that day, but you'll need to next day or even next week. So you have to keep it in your mind or choose a more convenient way not to lose a potential customer. With Docsify's reminders, you can schedule a notification on a specific time or day that will remind you when to follow up with somebody. You also can send follow-ups automatically without extra work on your end.Benefit: You don't lose an opportunity to close the deal and avoid daily routine tasks.

Send the most personalized follow-ups

How many times have you sent a follow-up and then… nothing? Why does this happen?
Usually, even if your customers didn't reply, they could have viewed the material that you sent. So you need to send more personalized follow-ups to get a higher response-rate. With Docsify you can set up reminders or configure auto follow-ups to send to recipients that didn’t view the document or click a link in your email, in addition to the regular options.