Email Tracking

Using email tracking in Gmail, you will know who opened your emails and clicked your links. Plus, When it was, From what device and How many times it was clicked and opened. All this data is available directly in your Gmail.

How to use email tracking software

Once you install Docsify email tracking software - you send emails as usual and track them by default. You can change the default settings at any time in the Admin Panel. You also can disable or enable tracking for each separate email by clicking on the green Docsify icon in the Compose Window.

Get real-time notifications for tracking emails

When a recipient performs any actions in tracking emails (open, click and view attachments) you receive real-time push and email notifications. So you never miss the best time to communicate with your recipients.

Get all tracking details directly in your Gmail

You can see all insights about recipients' actions without leaving your Gmail account.

You'll see if an action was performed:

  • Recipients' geolocation
  • From desktop or mobile
  • From Windows or IOS 
  • In a particular order (Timeline tab)

Do you want to know whether your recipients open emails? Email tracking is just for you

Add Gmail tracking plugin to Google Chrome right now

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