–°ustom Tracking Domains

If you use links in your emails, you may know that their domain’s reputation plays a vital role in email deliverability. So if you use an email tracking tool, you should use a custom domain for links if you want your emails to avoid the recipient's spam folder and go straight to their inbox

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How Docsify tracking works:

  • When you turn on open tracking, we start adding an invisible pixel to your emails. This pixel is linked to our domain, so we know when it’s been opened
  • When you turn on click tracking, we start changing your links so they link to our domain first, and then we redirect the recipient to your link
  • When you send a tracked PDF file, we convert it to a web file and link it to our domain too

Why should you setup up a custom tracking domain?

There are two main reasons to sent up a custom tracking domain:
  • Email and link tracking to avoid spam filters
  • Attachment tracking, if you don't want your recipients to know that you are tracking them

Get control over your email deliverability and sender reputation

If you use any email tracking tool, your emails include links to a domain that you don’t control and that can negatively affect your sender score and email deliverability (other users can use an email tracker for sending spam).

That's why your one-to-one emails can end up in your recipient's spam folder  

 You can exclude this negative impact on the deliverability of your tracking emails if you set up your custom tracking domain. Learn how to do it.

Build trust with your recipients

In addition to improving deliverability, your emails will be branded around your organization, not the email service provider or Docsify, which will help you to develop your brand and build trust with your recipients

 You will learn more about your recipients, but they won't know that you are tracking their engagement with your sent PDFs. Learn how to set up your custom domain for attachment (PDFs) tracking.