Attachment tracking

Using Attachment Tracking, you'll know which pages were read by your recipients and which were ignored.

How to use Gmail attachment tracking

Just add your email attachment at the *.PDF format to Gmail to get detailed (page-by-page) statistics.

If you send attachments that have other formats, you'll see only whether they were downloaded or not.

To let your recipients find tracked attachments easily - you can put tracked PDFs anywhere in the email body.

See attachment tracking details directly in your Gmail

Using email attachment tracking you'll see:

  • How many seconds/mins your recipient spent on each page of a document
  • The depth of view of the document (in %)
  • General time of view
  • What device and OS the recipient uses
  • Our clients prioritize their leads by the level of engagement and always contact the hottest ones first.

Get this data by clicking on the "Docsify" green icon in the Sent Folder and then choosing the Documents icon.

Hide from recipients that you track your Gmail attachments

When the recipient clicks to see an attachment that you sent, the file opens through a link in the browser. So you can personalize the domain name of your document links. You can choose one of three modes:

  • Standard ( - set by default)
  • Brand (
  • Corporate (

You also can edit the color scheme of the viewport

Add Live chats to documents you send

Docsify's is more than just a Gmail attachment tracking software. It also gives you an opportunity to communicate via Chat directly from your Gmail attachments. You can put any Chat that you use on your website (Intercom, ConvertFox, Live chat, Help Crunch etc) into the documents to communicate with your recipients at the best time (just when they are reading it).

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