The Best Yesware alternative
(for email tracking, delay send and Gmail productivity)
I have moved from Yesware to Docsify and am liking it a lot! For the same price, I get 5-stars support and features with a better design!
Tony Ventura
Technology specialist, and growth hacker
Docsify user since March 2018

Why people choose Docsify as the best alternative to Yesware

Per-recipient tracking

Detailed comparasion Docsify vs Yesware

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Yesware (PRO)
Docsify (PRO)
email tracking
Unlimited Open tracking
Click tracking
Per-recipient tracking
Attachment Tracking
document tracking
Track sent PDF (page-by-page)
Branded PDF viewer
Live Chat in the PDF
gmail productivity
Send later
Email Templates
Text Shortcuts
Coming Soon
Coming Soon
Coming Soon
Book A Time
Coming Soon
Auto BCC
CRM Integration
Create a Team

Price Comparasion

1 user/month
1 user/year
Free plan

Why you should chose Docsify as Yesware free alternative:

Per-recipient tracking

If your primary goal is to track your send emails, Docsify is much better at this point, because it provides you with per-recipient tracking. You'll always see who exactly opened your emails even if it was sent to several recipients. So unlike Yesware, you will no longer hear "Someone" opened your email.


With Docsify you get the same functionality (except Reminders and Book A Time features that under development in the Docsify right now). Plus, you  get additional features like:
  • per-recipient tracking
  • custom settings for pdf viewer
  • Text Shortcuts
  • Auto BCC to CRM
  • possibility to create a team and get access to the teammates' statistics.
With Docsify you get all this functionality for 108$/year instead of 144$ /year
And in case you don't want to upgrade - you still can use Docsify's Free plan with some limitations until you feel the right time to move to Unlimited Pro plan.

Live Chat in the PDF

If you use a Chat (Intercom, Live chat, Help Crunch or any other that you use on your website), you can insert it in the PDFs you send and communicate with your recipients at the best time (When they have questions!). Salespeople love this feature and can't imagine their life without closing leads via Chat in Proposals!
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