The Best MixMax alternative
(for email tracking and attachment tracking)
Docsify helps me prioritize my work with clients and leads. I send lots of emails but when I know that someone opened my email or even better viewed my PDF, I definitely know that I need to focus on this specific person. Docsify converts usual tracking into a workflow with priorities.
Ruslan Nazarenko
Brand ambassador at Branch
Docsify user since May 2018

Why people choose Docsify as alternative to MixMax

Page-by-page PDF tracking

Why Docsify Is Cheaper:

Docsify provides you with pre-set pricing bundles.
Why is it more profitable?

Take a look at the simple math:

  • MixMax

-  1 MixMax will cost you $588 for a year     
-  10  MixMax users will cost 
$5800 for a year


1 Docsfdiy user will cost you  $24.5 for a year (from 2 users)
10 Docsify users will cost just $149 for a year

How does it differ from per-user billing? 

If you have TEAM 10 plan it's no matter if you have 3 or 5 or 7 users right now, you still save your money and you can stop worrying that your bill will grow with your team

Price Comparasion

1 user/per year
10 users/per year
$24.5 (from 2 users)

Detailed comparison Docsify vs MixMax

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MIXMAX (Small Business)
email tracking
Unlimited Open tracking
Click tracking
Per-recipient tracking
Attachment Tracking
document tracking
Track sent PDF (page-by-page)
Branded PDF viewer
Live Chat in the PDF
gmail productivity
Public appointments calendars
Email Templates
Text Shortcuts
Sequences / mail merge
Basic team performance reports

Why you should chose Docsify as Mixmax Alternative:

Page-by-page Attachment (PDF) tracking

With Attachment tracking, you will know how your recipients interact with documents you attach and send. If you send PDFs you'll know:
  • How many seconds/mins your recipient spent on each page of a document
  • Which pages of your document were most viewed and what was ignored
As a result, you have a better understanding of your recipients' insights and engagement.
If you use a Chat (Intercom, ConvertFox, Live chat, Help Crunch or any other  used on your website), you can insert it in the PDFs you send and communicate with your recipients at the best time (When they have questions)


Docsify has a core functionality of MixMax, but it much cheaper. MixMax has rich functionality, but ask yourself will you use it? So if you need just accurate email, document tracking, and some features that power up your Gmail (I mean custom email templates and text shortcuts for messages), Docsify is what you really need. It costs just $149/year for 10 users instead of $5800 /per user for a year using MixMax.
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