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(for email tracking, delay send and Gmail productivity)

I have moved over from Mailtrack and don't regret it. Docsify makes me more productive with scheduling emails, PDF tracking, and my favorite - email templates

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Why people choose Docsify as alternative to MailTrack

Tracking factors
Useful features
Productivity in Gmail

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Mailtrack (PRO)
Docsify (PRO)
email tracking
Unlimited Open tracking
Click tracking
Per-recipient tracking
Attachment Tracking
Activity Dashboard
document tracking
Track PDF views
Branded PDF viewer
Live Chat in the PDF
gmail productivity
Send later
Coming Soon
Coming Soon
Coming Soon
Email Templates
Text Shortcuts
CRM Integration
Auto BCC
Create a Team
Chat and Email Support

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Why you should chose Docsify as Mailtrack alternative:

Much advanced Email Tracking

If your primary goal is to track your sent emails, Docsify is much better at this point. Here are a few Why's:
  • - per-recipient tracking (know exactly who opened your emails even if it was sent to several recipients)
  • - device tracking (know what device the recipient used to open your email)
  • - per-page PDF tracker (know what pages of your document a recipient saw and for how long)

Email Templates for Gmail

Docsify helps you focus on actions that matter, not wiring emails. With Docsify's templates, you can save the text that you use on a daily basis and use it every time you need it in just a few clicks.
Forget about copy-pasting that text - you have Docsify's templates for Gmail.

Send Later for Gmail

With Docsify,you can schedule your emails, and they'll be sent automatically at the perfect time even if you're offline. Just imagine, your recipients will always receive important emails even when you're asleep or lying on the beach.
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