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New Changes In Gmail (January 2019)

New Changes In Gmail (January 2019)

In 2018 Google paid attention to their emailing services. Firstly they upgraded Gmail to the newest version with some new features that their second email client Inbox had. Then they announced about Inbox shut down. That shocked every Inbox user, but as we already described, there is a way to substitute Inbox and it's unique features with New Gmail and Chrome Extensions.

But Google gonna improve Gmail even in 2019. They announced about adding a few new features.


You will be able to download your Email

Messages can be downloaded along with attached documents or images as *.EML files. This format is recognized by other email clients. Such downloaded messages can also be added and forwarded in emails as attachments.

To use this function, you need to go to the Email menu (the button with three dots) and select the option "Download message".

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You will be able to Undo/Redo the content of your Draft


Anytime you need to go back in your Compose window, for example - you marked the text with Bold, just click on "Undo" button, and it will come back to the normal format.

You will be able to Strikethrough the text in compose window

Google also announced that you will be able to strike through the text. This is a small improvement, but sometimes I really needed this to show the difference between, for example, old offer and the new one.


When you will get these changes?


These updates are not available to everyone, but Google said that every Gmail user should get these updates till the 25th of January

Also, we've recently shared expert tips on how to organize your Gmail, so you can focus on the most relevant and important conversations. And if you have 2+ Gmail accounts, check how to merge Gmail accounts.


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