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Top 25+ Must-Have Tools For Your Digital Marketing Agency In 2019

Top 25+ Must-Have Tools For Your Digital Marketing Agency In 2019

Times have changed, and now everyone needs a new website, digital marketing strategy, or SEO and PPC campaign. In 2019 you can't live without digital marketing. And with the growth of this market, the competition between digital marketing agencies is becoming way too high.

Today it is no longer enough to just send an email to leads and get sales.

Today you need to be more effective than ever before because if you don't, you will lose.

With the right toolset, you can supercharge productivity for your digital marketing agency and win the competition on the market. So we've prepared a list of the top 25+ must-have tools for your digital marketing agency in 2019. Here will be mentioned both, software for ad agencies (for example, SEO tools for agencies) and useful marketing tools. Check them below:

 Social media marketing tools

It's not enough to just make a post on Twitter and Facebook and get 5 likes from your colleagues. Social media has become much more powerful and its power is still growing. So don't lose your chance: start with social media marketing tools.


Do you need a free and simple solution for scheduling your posts? Buffer is your choice. It's a good choice when you're just starting your agency or you're a solo-player. Buffer will help you automate posts across social media. But with the growth of your agency, you'll definitely need reporting and other premium features that are included in the paid plan.


There are lots of marketing tools used for your social media automation. But you definitely need to check Kontentino and here are a few things we love in it:

You will have all your social media posts in one place and perfectly organized Post-approval process,  Insights and reporting


This is one more awesome tool that not only helps you schedule posts but also focuses on the content creation for your social media. How? They already have 6k+ handcrafted templates and 100k+ images so you can find every cat photo you would ever need. And the number of content and templates are continually growing.


If you do social media marketing for your agency, you definitely need to automate the process and don't waste your time by switching and gathering reports across 10+ social media outlets. You can also organize your SMM calendar with the tools above to plan and analyze your activity for the next few months.

 –°ommunication and email software

Gmail is the place where you make business. Here you make sales by closing leads and build new partnerships. In 2019 you must work with an email to be more productive and be better than your competitors.


If you still track email opens with Mailtrack you might as well be stuck in 2015. Email tracking and Gmail productivity have made a huge jump. Docsify (one of the best free marketing tools) will help you with:

  • Per-recipient email and link tracking

  • Scheduling emails to be sent later

  • Email templates

  • Text shortcuts

And the most interesting thing is PDF tracker (it's one of my favorite features among all new digital marketing tools) - if you send proposals to your clients (I bet you do that) with Docsify you will know how much time your recipient has spent on each page of your document. So Docsify is the must-have tool for a digital marketing agency.

  • Website -

  • Price stars from 9$/month (Free plan - 14-days Free trial + Free forever)



With NewOldStamp you can create professional email signatures for your team to revitalize your business email communication. When your clients get dozens of emails you need yours to be highlighted – and the awesome signature does just that. Check their email signature examples and just imagine that you can have the same in just a few mins.

Why NewOldStamp rather than one of its competitors? Because the signature builder is so easy to use (for example, it only took me 5-6 mins to create the signature and about 30 seconds to implement it)

 Clearbit Connect for Gmail

When you're emailing with someone and need to connect with this person via FB or LinkedIn, or find them on Twitter, it can become difficult. With this plugin you, you get a bar with the recipient's social media information directly in Gmail.


This is one of the best online marketing tools I know. Why? Because it lets you create videos in just a few clicks. It can be used anywhere (because they have a desktop version). The reason I have added this app to the Gmail topic is that you can personalize your emails with videos. Since Loom is free video marketing software I have to say that it's s a must-have for digital agency salespeople to stand out from the crowd with a personalized approach.


In such a competitive market as digital marketing services – you need to be first in your client's mind. How? Just prioritize the list of leads and contact those who just read your proposal, clicked a link, or opened your message. Then send them a beautiful follow-up with an awesome signature and some personalized mentions from their social media.

 CRM tools & email marketing tools:

No one gives you money as soon as they meet you. (It would be awesome if they did.) So you need to nurture and manage your leads and potential clients. How? Here you need a CRM and email marketing software that are must-have tools for an agency in 2019.


This is an easy-to-use CRM for a marketing agency. If you don't have a CRM, you may start with Pipedrive. Why? Because it won't take a lot of time to set it up according to your needs. You have a nice design and the ability to create a Pipeline where you can move your sales leads from "First contact" to "Won deal".


Salesflare is also a good option as CRM for a marketing agency. It's also easy to use, but comparing to Pipedrive has more automation features. For example - contact and company information is automatically enriched from social profiles and email signatures.


If you do mass sales emailing (both inbound and cold emails) you definitely need to check digital promotional tools called Lemlist. Apart from other tools in this niche, Lemlist goes beyond than just email automation, it also personalizes your messages with custom Images.

If you start doing cold emailing, Lemlist is a good option to try and use. Frankly saying it's in my top10  scale tools for marketers.


Comparing to Lemlist which is more about sales emailing and cold outbound, MailChimp is a great well-known online marketing tool for your email marketing. It has nice reports and analytics. So if you are a beginner at email marketing you should definitely start with MailChimp. (Frankly saying, this is one of the well-known online marketing campaign software, so definitely check it)


Don't forget about your clients and leads! If you do, other agencies will steal them as soon as they possibly can. So, you need to focus on CRM and digital marketing in 2019 a lot.

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 Live chats & website engagement tools

You know that 90% of website visitors never leave their contact information. 90% is a huge amount of potential money you could earn. So, you need to track your website and engage with visitors before they leave it. Here the best marketing tools for this goal will be listed.


Do you know what companies visit your website and DON'T fill the contact form? If no, you lose a lot of potential leads and prospects. Leadfeeder is designed for discovering those leads, by tracking what companies visit your website.

With Leadfeeder, all you have to do is connect your Google Analytics account and you’ll be able to track and analyze what pages people are visiting. This gives you opportunities to develop outreach and engagement strategies based on each lead’s behavior, as well as helping you identify prospects you might not have been aware of before.

Plus, Leadfeeder also helps you find the contact information for employees at any company that visits your website. Allowing you to quickly find who the decision-maker is and immediately get in touch with them.


Everyone knows Intercom as a good app for Chatting and lead management. But if you're a small/medium digital agency, their price will be way too high to you. And here one of the best Intercom alternatives comes.

It provides you with chat and auto-triggers messages on your website and HelpCrunch works pretty well, so it's definitely in my top best digital software for 2019.


    OK, but what if your visitors still tend to leave your website? Here, exit popups will help you catch their attention. When they want to close your website and are almost at the "X", Poptin will show them a message, so you can save some of those people. Also, it's free and easy to use, so Poptin is one of the best online marketing software for saving leads who are about to say "Bye-bye" to your website.


    This tool shows you what companies visit your website. It is easy to use tool for digital marketing and provides you with the necessary information you need to turn the visitors on your website into customers. With this tool, you can access information about what companies are visiting your website and their contact details.

    Inside, you will find a full profile of each lead (company) filled with the necessary business-related data, along with the company size, revenue, industry, and location, and get email reports when some new leads meet your desired criteria.


    So you're getting traffic, but no sales? You need to engage with potential clients and motivate them to contact you or leave their information while they are on your website. With smart website engagement, you'll be a step beyond the other agencies who are still living in 2015 and just praying for the initiative from the client's side.

     Internal communication software

    There are lots of different chats and messengers (Skype, Hangouts, and so on), but I highlight 2 new apps for your internal communication within the team.


    Everyone knows Slack (if you don't, you're probably not from Earth). Slack is an awesome app for communication. Here you can create channels for a group of people or send direct messages to someone from your team. But if your team doesn't consist of 2 people, you will quickly hit limits. Since the history of messages in Slack Free is limited to 10k, you will hit these limits 2-3 months after you install it.


    This is a rising star on the team messenger market. This is a great Slack alternative which is growing fast. And the most impressive thing is that it is totally free! Yes, it has a few less features than Slack (although I'm sure that's only a matter of time), but its pricing strategy motivated me to give it a try.


    Do you have at least 2 people in your team? Then you 100% need a chat for internal communication. No matter whether you have remote workers or all of you work in the same office – you need to communicate with your team in real time. Why? Because you'll just be able to make decisions more quickly. While other digital agencies are sending emails to teammates or struggling with Skype – you'll have an easy-to-use app that keeps you updated with everything your team is doing.

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     SEO software for agencies

    SEO is still a very effective lead generation channel. By analyzing SEO results you can find out what people are looking for in the Web, so you'll know what content should be created. Every agency needs to have powerful internet marketing SEO software suite to understand what's going on online.

     Netpeak Spider

    Netpeak Spider is a desktop tool for day-to-day SEO audit, quick search for issues, systematic analysis, and website scraping. A tool finds broken links, redirects, escapes duplicate content: Titles, Meta Descriptions, H1 Headers, and presents all the data in graphics and diagrams.


    Serpstat focuses on finding keywords, backlink checking, and SEO optimization. With its help you will have a clear picture of what are the positions of your competitors and what should you focus on in your SEO strategy. Frankly speaking, there are lots of different SEO tools like Serpstat, but I highlight them because of their 5-stars support and nice pricing.


    Ahrefs is a powerful tool as SEO agency software with a huge focus on Big Data. There are lots of things that you can do with Ahrefs: web monitoring, content analysis and so on. The only thing that can be a concern for you is their pricing - if you're a small agency, this SEO toolset can be a way expensive.


    SEO rules and you know it. Even if you don't have an SEO Jedi on your team, you should still worry about your ranking on Google. So analyze what people are searching for and make decisions based on this information with an SEO toolset.

     Project management tools

    It's pretty important for every agency to understand what is going on with their projects: when the deadlines are, who works with what, and so on. You can't just keep it in mind, so with a great toolset you can organize your work and fully understand what's going on with all of your projects.


    Yes, this is the first word that comes to your mind when you hear "Project Management software". Trello is a great service for beginners and those who haven't worked with the Kanban process. And the most important thing is that it's easy to use. You really can start tracking your projects from day 1. It's free, it's easy to use - so Trello is in my list of top digital agency management software for 2019.


    This is a quite different tool compared to Trello. Weekdone focuses on OKR methodology (Objectives and key results) and helps you focus on the most important things. This tool is great for agencies that have projects covering spans of 3-4 months (1-2 weeks projects won't be a good fit for this).


    SEO and other digital marketing agencies have to stay organized internally and keep the moving pieces of their workflow and projects all in one place. Track what's going on with your projects and make relevant decisions.

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     Visual content creation tools

    If you have design rockstars in your team, then this list of tools won't be a concern for you. It contains apps that can help your agency create eye-catching images in minutes without deep skills in graphic design.


    This is my #1 app for creating images for posts and articles. I personally don't have a Master's Degree in Photoshop science, so I was looking for an easy-to-use tool, even one with fewer options. Crello is super understandable and you can create a visual content for your digital marketing campaign in just 10 minutes.


    If you do infographics (or ever wanted but didn't know how) Picktochart (as one of the best marketing design software) is your choice.There are lots of different templates so even if you don't know what your infographic should look like you will definitely find the best template for you.


    If you have a team of designers, you don't need these tools. But if don't have a professional designer (or only have a few) you need to be able to create images and infographics for the content you create by your own.

     Digital marketing software for agencies

     Story Chief

    Content marketing is the #1 channel for agencies nowadays, and Story Chief is #1 app for creating the content.

    You can:

    1- collaborate with the team while you're creating your article

    2- get SEO analysis of your text (is it SEO optimized enough)

    3- multichannel posting. (post 1 article to different places from 1 interface)

    And much more. Story Chief is one of the best software for marketing your content in 2019.


    Just imagine – what if you send a link (any link), and everyone who clicks on it automatically jumps to your FB retargeting campaign? That would be insane, wouldn't it? Here PixelMe will help you. Not only does it shorten URLs, but it also generates leads from links you share. There are lots of opportunities with PixelMe – and, for example, Buffer, PromoRepublic or Kontentio – to share the content in social media and retarget the engaged audience with direct ads. Is that something other digital agencies do? My money's on no, so retarget readers while your competitors are just making posts.

    Create content with the specialized tool for it. While other agencies are struggling with Google Docs, you'll optimize, analyze and organize the content you create from 1 place. And once you share it – retarget the audience with the precise FB ads.

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     Useful chrome extensions

    I've already mentioned some Chrome Extensions for a marketing agency: Loom, Docsify Email Tracking and Clearbit Connect for Gmail. However, all of them work within Gmail and only allow you to be more productive there. Here I'll mention marketing tools for an agency that work as Chrome extensions, but not in Gmail.


    Do you know what your competitor's traffic looks like? Do you know what their top 5 marketing channels are? If you don't, Similar Web can find out for you. It'll show you the number of monthly visitors and what the main resources are for your competitors. The only drawback is the accuracy: I can't guarantee you 100% accuracy, but you'll get a general picture for sure.


    Whenever you write (emails, posts, FB messages or anything else), it's always possible that you will make mistakes. We're not robots, so we're not saved from the occasional typo. Or, I should say, we weren't saved from mistakes before Grammarly appeared. Grammarly is one of my favorite interactive marketing software that highlights words and piece of text where you made mistakes.

     Keywords Everywhere

    This is one of my favorite digital marketing tools, a 100% must-have tool for the agency in 2019. When you google anything, Keywords Everywhere shows you the Search Volume of your words and similar keywords with their Search Volume. It won't substitute SerpStat or Ahrefs as a SEO tool, but it will make it easier for you to find needed keywords on a daily basis.


    If you work with Google Chrome, make sure you use it to its full capacity by way of its extensions. There are a lot of different apps, and some of them can give you tons of information. By the way, if you don't use Google Chrome, I have only 1 piece of advice: start using Google Chrome.


    The competition for digital marketing agencies is becoming a higher and higher year by year. It's vital to have the toolset for productivity so you can save up to 80% of the time you spent before implementing that tools. I tried to show you top 20+ must-have tools for an agency in 2019. I hope you'll implement at least one of them and become one of the best digital agencies all over the world.

    The most interesting thing is that lots of the tools I mentioned above are free (not only for the first 14-30 days but totally), for example, Keywords Everywhere for SEO, Docsify for email tracking & Gmail productivity and lots of other.

    So let's grow and be productive!

    Start using Docsify right now - it's Free

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