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Top 3 ways how to organize your Gmail

Top 3 ways how to organize your Gmail

The first rule of productivity is to focus on the most important things.

It works for everything. Literally everything.


Because you have limited time and you need to spend this time as effectively as possible. However, there are dozens of factors that can intervene in your daily life. For example, there are hundreds of e-mails you get on a daily basis.

You come to the office, turn the laptop on, open Gmail, and there are 30+ new e-mails from colleagues, clients, spam messages, and leads. In a few minutes, you think, "Aaah, I hate emails!"

That's just a half of the problem. The most horrible thing is that you can lose a really important conversation with a partner, leads, and clients in this chaos.

Just imagine, what if by organizing Gmail you could focus on the most important emails and never forget about them?

That's what I want to share with you today. Try to organize your Gmail with the approaches below!

1. How to categorize emails in Gmail? - Mark important e-mails as important.

You have a very important client and you get an email from him/her. In this case, let the Gmail algorithms know about it.

When you see that this conversation is important, mark it as important so Gmail will know that and won't put any emails from this recipient and in this conversation into the spam folder. You can always find the list of important emails by clicking on the "Important" folder. Also, if you get unimportant emails, you can easily skip them by clicking on "Archive", and they will be put into the Gmail archive folder.

Everyone knows that it's possible to get desktop notifications about new incoming emails. However, when you mark your conversations with the "Important" button, you can set up your Gmail so you will get desktop notifications ONLY when you receive important emails so you will not lose it.

To do it, just go to your  Settings -> General -> Desktop notifications and pick "Important mail notifications on - Notify me only when an important message arrives in my inbox."

By the way, if you want to make sure that your recipient also didn't lose your email, I'd recommend you use email tracking for your sent emails. This way, you will know who opened your emails and when exactly they opened those emails and clicked the links within them. It even works if you send emails to two or more recipients.

 2. What's the best way to organize emails? - Use stars and prioritize conversations!

Check the two-minute video about how to use stars and prioritize your Gmail inbox.

Everyone knows about Stars. It's just a simple mark option on the left side. You can organize your emails as you want with different colors and marks, but click several times on the Star button.

After you do this, your inbox will be divided into two parts. On the top, you will have Starred emails and conversations, and below it you will have everything else. Stars is a great way to organize your inbox; for example, you can mark different emails with different stars and still keep them on the top of your screen.

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 3. How to customize Gmail inbox? - Create rules and filters

You can do a lot of things with filters and rules in Gmail and truly customize your inbox, but I just want to take one example that happens with everyone:

When you get lots of emails with the same characteristics, for example, you get lots of e-mails from one sender or from one important sender, just use filters and rules to automatically mark those emails as important.

For example, I always get emails from Max at Docsify and they are important to me.

With these messages, I just create a filter by clicking on the arrow in the search bar, then I write in the email address, click on create filter and "actions part", mark as important, and I never send them to the spam folder.  Or, also you can put these emails in a special folder by just creating a new label in the Gmail label settings and apply it to all current conversations.

 How to organize your Gmail other small tips

  1. For snooze e-mails that aren't urgent, you can come back to them in time. Earlier, this feature was only in Google Inbox, but after Google announced the Inbox shutdown and launched the New Gmail 2018 with new features, the Snooze option became available for Gmail users as well. By the way, if you already miss the Inbox, check 4 Steps to Have an Inbox Feature in Your Gmail

  2. If you have a few Gmail accounts, don't change Gmail inbox and switch between them, just merge them into one. Just imagine, you get a few important e-mails in the first Gmail account, but you write an e-mail in your second account and don't notice that urgent e-mail. When you switch back to the second account, you get responses in your first Gmail account… HELP! After 10 minutes of this madness, you only have one question - "Can I combine Gmail accounts into one inbox?" Check the video for how to do that in under five minutes.

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By the way, if want to know that your important e-mails weren't lost in the recipient's inbox, just track them. You can easily know who opened your messages and when they were opened, and when the recipient clicked your links and viewed your attachments. Docsify will notify you via e-mail with desktop notifications and with a green/grey indicator directly in your Gmail.

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