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How to Get And Use the New Gmail Features?

How to Get And Use the New Gmail Features?

 7 years…

 It took 7 years for Disney to produce “Sleeping Beauty”.

 It took 7 years for Google to make a major update in Gmail.

And in April 2018 Google announced the new Gmail interface:

  • New design  

  • New features   

  • New user experience   

And we’re going to tell you about how to try the new Gmail interface and what new features you need to test first of all.

#1 How to get the new Gmail right now 

You will probably get a pop-up notification from Google saying you can try a new Gmail interface. By clicking on it you will set up the new interface as your default one.

But what if you haven’t had that notification yet?

a) If you are Gmail user:

Just click on the Settings button and the first row will say: ‘Try the New Gmail’. Just select this.

b) If you are Gsuite user

Go to Google Admin -> Apps -> Gsuite -> Settings in Gmail -> User settings and then choose ‘Allow my users access to the New Gmail UI and features’

#2 Changes and new features 

Here are the top 5 new features:


Now you can:

    <> Archive  – an archived email thread will disappear from your Inbox, but still will be in the All Mail folder

 Delete – a deleted email will disappear from all your folders except your Trash folder

Mark as opened/unopened – this email will be marked as opened or unopened

     Snooze – a snoozed email will disappear until your picked time

 Quick replies

Now Google pops up with the suggestion of a quick reply. Just tap on that and a new email in this thread will be created with this text in the email body.

 New Inbox View

Now you can choose a new view of your Inbox. To do that, just click on the Settings button, and then select Display Density.


Now you can add other apps/add-ons to your Gmail interface. There are 3 tools by default:

   Google Tasks – a super, easy-to-use app

 Google Keep – an app for saving notes

   Google Calendar – a tool for scheduling and organizing your calendar

Also – Docsify will join your Add-ons on the marketplace and will let you track how your recipients open emails, click links and view documents. But right now you also can use Docsify – just install it here


This option let you send ‘saved’ emails. It means that your recipient will not be able to forward, download or print that email.


The new offline mode gives you an opportunity to read, search and delete emails while you have no Internet connection.

Some new features are also coming: 


 Smart Composing

We can say that Gmail is becoming better and better. You can definitely save hundreds of hours with smart composing and keep your Inbox clean by snoozing emails.

PS. For better results, we also suggest you try a free Gmail extension – Docsify. It shows you how your recipients opened your emails, clicked your links and viewed your documents.

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