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How To Change Future Of Sales Using Engagement Based Automation Approach

How To Change Future Of Sales Using Engagement Based Automation Approach

Emailing an offer to your prospect might sometimes feel like throwing a coin in a wishing well and hoping your dreams come true. You don’t know if anyone will see your offer and that unique selling point you wanted to emphasize. You don’t know if you will ever hear back from the prospect. All you know is that the email was sent and, probably, viewed by the recipient (if you use special tools to track email opens).

This kind of black-box process can cripple your sales productivity and even hold your business back in the long-term. But what if there was a better way?

Docsify takes the guesswork out of sales. With powerful analytics capabilities, it allows you to see behind the curtain and adjust your sales process to better target your prospects’ needs and preferences. But there’s so much more you can do with Docsify! Intrigued? Let’s shed some light on the concept behind this amazing tool and the capabilities it provides.

From Idea To Implementation

Every successful product has its ”Aha!” moment. Take Uber for example. When two friends had trouble finding an affordable cab on New Year’s Eve, they came up with an idea that eventually turned into world-famous startup worth $69 billion.

Similarly, we created Docsify because we know exactly what problems sales teams all over the world face on a daily basis. Our founder, Maxim, worked in sales for over 10 years and learned firsthand about the issues plaguing even the best sales teams. As both a sales representative and a VP of Sales, he was always trying to find ways to optimize the efforts of each staff member as well as improve the productivity of the team in general.

He realized that the problem of prioritization and rational use of resources is much more serious than one might think. And there was no efficient solution in the marketplace. That’s when the idea of Docsify was born.

The initial concept of the product was quite simple: the user can upload documents and generate a unique link for every recipient to view it. The link can be sent to the prospect in many ways. As soon as the recipient opens the document, a custom event is triggered that allows Docsify to track actionable insights on the interactions, session depth, and time spent on each page of the document.

In April 2016, Maxim gathered a team of like-minded people and set out on a mission to make the lives of sales teams easier. In December 2016, the product gained initial traction on the local Ukrainian market and matured enough to be made available worldwide.

To add value to the product and tailor it to the global market, we’ve made some major improvements to our product functionality.

What’s In It For You?

The current version of our product targets primarily sales representatives and managers. Using Docsify, you can track prospect behavior at every touchpoint and optimize your sales process for better results. With a holistic approach to the sales process, we provide a set of powerful capabilities that covers the complete outreach process. Namely, Docsify can help you with the following:

1. Activity tracking

Using dozens of custom event triggers, Docsify allows you to see what exactly happens to your email and attached files as soon as you hit the “Send” button. We track all interactions with your sales assets so you can instantly see the results and take appropriate measures.

If you see that your prospect scrolled through the offer and might not have noticed that special offer you tried to pitch, you can follow up instantly and address that point in person. Similarly, you can see what matters most to each prospect, judging by their interactions with the content you share, and tailor your offers accordingly to increase your chances for success.

2. Powerful integrations

CRM is the brain of every sales process: There is not much you can do without it. We at Docsify understand how important it is for all aspects of your process to work in sync. Thus, we pay especial attention to creating seamless CRM integrations. But we don’t simply sync the information with the rest of your sales tools. Docsify takes your CRM to a whole new level!

All the information about prospect activity is displayed directly in your CRM. This helps you streamline sales team activities through automated task allocation, and automatically advance prospects through the stages of your sales pipeline based on engagement. As a result, instead of juggling raw data and switching between multiple sales tools trying to keep them in sync, you will have more time for what matters most: your prospects.

3. Actionable insights

By sourcing data about user engagement, we help you to instantly grow your sales productivity. You can try different types of content and see which one works best. By providing page-by-page document analytics, we help you better understand your customer needs and capitalize on that.

By gaining better visibility at every stage of your pipeline, you can tailor your sales strategies accordingly. As a result, you will grow your engagement and conversions and, as a result, improve your business performance in general.

4. Engagement scoring

How can you know which prospect has the highest chance to convert? A prospect that seems genuinely interested in your offering might not convert at all. Actions often speak louder than words. Using Docsify, you can tell who is really interested in making a purchase by the way they view your offer.

As a result of efficient engagement scoring, you can better allocate your resources. Instead of wasting hours trying to reach a prospect who didn’t even open your offer, use the engagement score to focus on the most likely conversion.

5. Sales automation

However, you don’t need to write off the prospects who seem unengaged. As we all know, it takes on average five follow-ups to make a successful sale. Docsify automatically creates custom “next steps” for each prospect based on his/her detailed engagement reports. As a result, you will never forget to follow up a prospect.

There are so many useful capabilities under the hood, but we are not planning to stop there. In the near future, Docsify will focus on using Big Data and machine learning capabilities to power up automation capabilities and facilitate in-depth analytics. The intelligent algorithms we are building will completely redefine prospect scoring and prioritization!

As a result, you will be able to identify the most effective content for each prospect. Docsify will provide tailored recommendations on which content to share depending on the stage of the deal to increase your chances for success.

Join us on our mission to make sales more transparent and efficient!

Looking for a way to boost your productivity and increase sales? Work smarter, not harder. Join the hundreds of sales professionals using Docsify now.

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