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How Dacore Started Closing 23% More Deals With Docsify

How Dacore Started Closing 23% More Deals With Docsify


Dacore, Inc. is an innovative provider of implementing API integrations, cloud strategy development, and iOS & Android development. Dacore eliminates complexity and improves the productivity of business process automation. Dacore Company has customers and partners worldwide.


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Dacore’s sales team:

  • worked with inbound sales
  • sent 10-20 sales proposals (SPs) each day
  • called back prospects one day after sending SPs
  • usually called back prospects after another 1-3 days if they hadn’t viewed the SP yet

As a result, the conversion rate of sales proposals to closed deals was only 9%.

Why did this happen?

Clients often request offers from several companies at the same time. And they choose the company (your competitor) which contacts them and deals with their questions and objections fastest and most efficiently.

«That’s why it is extremely important to connect with prospects earlier than competitors will and tell them about all the advantages of cooperation with Dacore in detail, justifying our price». – Vitali Karabylo, Head of Sales at Dacore


The Challenges

  1. How to prioritize? When sales reps sent 20 emails to prospects, they didn’t know who to contact first. They attempted to connect with all prospects and wasted at least 30% of their working time on ineffective calls.
  2. Bad timing: Sales reps connected with prospects at the wrong time in 62% of cases. When they called back in 1-3 days, prospects had already had time to consider and accept a competitor’s offer.
  3. What are prospects looking for? Often prospects can’t explain exactly what they want and negotiations stalled when sales reps couldn’t easily identify their interests.


The Goals

  1. To contact only those prospects who have already viewed the sales proposal.
  2. To call prospects in the first few minutes after they viewed the SP. In this way, sales reps would deal with objections in time and stay ahead of competitors.
  3. To offer to products or services that provide the prospects with exactly what they need.

«We wanted to get the engine that would be the easiest and most convenient to use. The dream was an all-in-one tool, which integrated with our CRM and allowed us to work in the familiar Gmail interface. Docsify was exactly what we were looking for». – Danylo Mykytchenko, Co-founder & CEO at Dacore


The Solution With Docsify

  1. Document viewing statistics: Sales reps get information in Gmail immediately about when and how prospects viewed the sales proposal document and who has demonstrated the most engagement.
  2. Time sensitive alerts: Sales team uses real-time notifications to know the best time to call prospects. The potential clients are most ready to discuss the SP ten minutes after they viewed it. Dacore successfully used these alerts to boost just-in-time communication.
  3. Page view data: Sales reps know exactly which pages of the proposal are the most interesting to prospects. This is especially useful for additional sales.


The Results

  1. 30% reduction of time wasted on ineffective calls.
  2. The conversion rate of sales proposals to closed deals increased from 9% to 32%.
  3. The average purchase check increased 41% due to an enhanced understanding of which related products are best to offer to each client.

«The fewer tools I have to use, the more I win. Team members use Docsify without changing the environment and dive in to view document statistics in one click. What makes this tool so appealing to me is its all-in-oneness. No need to get people trained. I’m so surprised and happy to have all the things my team requires together in one place.» – Vitali Karabylo, Head of Sales at Dacore

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