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Top 11 Gmail plugins for productivity

Top 11 Gmail plugins for productivity

If I ask you which app you use on a daily basis for your business, you'll probably answer Gmail  

Of course, you have dozens of different tools that you use for your business, and some of them are unique to your area. But Gmail is something that everyone uses.

Everyone sends emails. Salespeople to their prospects. Project Managers to their clients. Recruiters to potential co-workers. Everyone sends emails to everyone. 

A few months ago, Google announced that there are 1.5 billion active users on Gmail and Gsuite (Gmail for business), and it's unbelievable. 

And if you're in that 1.5 billion and spend at least a few hours per week on email - I know that I have something awesome for you. It's the list of the best Gmail plugins for productivity that will save you hours of your life.

If you want to start saving your time right away, just watch 5 mins video about top 5 Gmail plugins.

 If you want to check the full list of the best add-ons for productivity, read the article below. It will cover all aspects of emailing - from the speed of typing to the organizing of your Inbox.

1.  Gmail tools for email tracking - Docsify

Have you ever wondered whether recipients opened and read your important emails? 

With Docsify, you will know it. After you install a Free Chrome Extension, you will know which of your recipients (even if you sent to a group of people) opened your sent e-mails and when that happened. 

Gmail plugin for email tracking

There are dozens of different ways to use this information, but the main are:

  •  You're more likely to get a reply from anyone if you send a follow-up email once your recipient opens the conversation.

  •  You can prioritize your list of prospects and contact those who recently opened your email. 

There are a lot of different options you can find in Docsify. For example, their Text Shortcuts feature lets you save the text in a template and then when you need to write it, just use hotkey and press the TAB button on your keyboard. 

That saved me around 4 hours per month. I simply started typing faster with my own templates. 

Features: Email and link tracking, PDF tracker, send later (Docsify is also a good Gmail plugin for sending emails later), Email Templates, and Auto-BCC to CRM

 Pricing - from $9/month

 Free Plan - Yes

 Website -

Know what happens with emails with Free Email Tracking


 2. Gmail plugins for managing notifications - Checker Plus

It's one of the best Gmail tools for people who have several Gmail accounts and work on other Chrome tabs (not only in Gmail). It gives you fast access via a drop-down menu in Chrome where you can:

  •  Check new emails in your inbox (even if your Gmail tab is closed)

  • Archive, Reply, or Forward that e-mail (you can use it for all Gmail accounts that you have)

  • Checker Plus has desktop notifications, color coding, and even voice input for writing messages. 

By the way, if you have several Gmail accounts and want to merge them into 1 for easier work in your Gmail (not only in Checker Plus), read how to combine 2 Gmail accounts.

Gmail add-on for managing notifications

Features: Check notifications, reply, archive and forward emails.

 Pricing - Free

 Free Plan - Yes

 Website -

 3. Spell checker in Gmail - Grammarly

Whenever you write your emails, it's always possible that you will make mistakes. We're not robots, so we're not saved from the occasional typo. Or, I should say, we weren't saved from mistakes before Grammarly appeared. Grammarly is one of my favorite Gmail tools that highlights words and a piece of text where you made mistakes.

By the way, Grammarly is so awesome, we even added it to the list of the best tools for digital agency in 2019.

 Pricing - Starts from $15/month

 Free Plan - Yes

 Website -

 4. How to organize Gmail with add-on - Gmail Sender Icons

I love this tool, not because of its power, no, but because it's a super simple extension that helps me highlight important conversations. It shows me the logo of a recipient's company and I just remember the logo of the important companies for me, and when I see they e-mailed me, I run to open their messages. 

  • Pricing -  FREE

  • Free Plan - Yes

  • Website -

 5. Gmail extensions for taking notes in Inbox - Simple Gmail Notes

Have you ever opened a long conversation and didn't remember something important about it?

I have. For example, I had a thread with 70+ e-mails in it and didn't remember the final discount I should use... I spent 10 mins to find the right info. To avoid this waste of time, I found "Simple Gmail Notes". And it totally changed my life! 

Now, when there is something important in the conversation, I just take note above the e-mail, and that's it.

 Pricing -  FREE

 Free Plan - Yes

 Website -

 6. Gmail plugins for making your emails beautiful - SnipHero 

What really breaks the ice between two people? 

Humor and creativity. 

And with SnipHero, you can add a bit of creativity to your e-mails by adding GIfs, YouTube videos, and so forth. It lets you put up content from the Internet by staying in your Gmail environment. 

I personally love this. And even by testing it often, people are more likely to read your e-mails when the Opening line with a funny GIF engages them. We've talked a lot about it in how to begin an email to get replies. 

 Pricing -  FREE

 Free Plan - Yes

 Website -

 7. Gmail plugin for email productivity and to stay focused - Inbox When Ready

Just imagine, you're writing an important e-mail, and you double-check each sentence. Suddenly, you got another e-mail. You decide, "Ok, I'll just check it and that's it", and then in only a few hours you come back to that important e-mail that you were writing. 

With "Inbox when ready", you can focus on writing an e-mail, and don't pay attention to any other new incoming e-mails until you want them.

 Pricing -  from $4/month

 Free Plan - Yes

 Website -

 8. Gmail plugin to integrate with Trello - Add to Trello

Trello is the most famous and well-known app for project management. If your team is using it, you definitely need to add "Add to Trello" to your extension list. It lets you create new cards from e-mails.

I personally like this app because there are dozens of different scenarios for using it, from putting up some info about your clients to easily adding new bugs and feature requests to the Trello board. So, Add to Trello came to my list of top Chrome Extensions for salespeople in 2019.

 Pricing - Free

 Free Plan - Yes

 Website -

 9. Gmail plugin to know more about your Gmail contacts - Clearbit Connect 

Don't know who just e-mailed you? 

Not sure that you're writing to the right person? 

Clearbit Connect can help you here. It shows the social media information about your recipients so you can easily visit a Twitter or Linkedin profile and find out more details about this person. 

Gmail to know more about a recipient

 Pricing - Free

 Free Plan - Yes

 Website -

 10. UnsubscribeGmail plugin - Better Gmail Unsubscribe

Do you get Spammy emails from different Bobs and Johns who offer you everything for $19.99? I get 2-3 such emails like this every week. 

Of course, I push "Mark as Spam", but it just clutters up the Spam folder. 

So the best way is to use Better Gmail Unsubscribe. This lets you unsubscribe from any email you get, not only marketing mass mailing where you can unsubscribe.

 Pricing - Free

 Free Plan - Yes

 Website -

 11. Send ad-free articles to your email inbox with EmailThis

I only recently found this tool (thanks awesome people from MarTech Facebook Group who recommended me trying this plugin) and now I don't know how I lived before this.

How many times you found something cool on the Internet, but didn't have time to read it right away? It happens always to me and I just forgot about those articles. But now with EmailThis I send articles to my inbox in just a few clicks and never forget about it since I open my Gmail daily.

It's super convenient for me, so I even have a special folder in my Gmail for articles.

 Pricing - $19/year

 Free Plan - Yes



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