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Five Tips To Make The Most Of WebSummit 2017

Five Tips To Make The Most Of WebSummit 2017

We always have opportunities, some of them are small and some are big, but there also exist rare opportunities which may change the game. One of them is the WebSummit. For all tech-world and IT-humanity, it’s the most exciting event. So we want to tell you how to survive the WebSummit and make the most of it with 5 really useful tips:

First of all, need to say that preparation is at least 50% of success, so – prepare, prepare, prepare!

1. Your appearance

Make everything to be remembered. Stand out of the crowd, make you representable, make yourself memorable. Wear weird shirts or creepy socks. People should look and say “Who is that person?”.

You need to come up with personal “HOOKS” – prepared phrases that can catch he interlocutors’ attention. For example:

  • “Do you know where people may grab some awesome coffee?”   
  • “Have you heard that speaker? High five if you’d like it too”     
  • “Your shirt is super cool!”

So when the attention of all is yours – be ready to take a photo or make a tweet. Be superly digitized – it’s awesome and important thing, but almost anyone does this. For that reasons you must have:

  • phone,
  • laptop,
  • tablet,
  • charging,
  • power bank

2. Prepare meetings

You won’t have enough time, other people won’t have enough time. No one will sit and wait for you, dear reader. You want to meet 40 valuable potential clients/partners/investors, prepare 120 meetings for it ASAP. Why too many, cause someone will decline, someone won’t come and someone won’t be interested in you. In Lisbon, you won’t schedule enough meetings, only at home.

3. Make the most out of social media

You know where 90% of visitors will be before the event, Yes on Social Media. Three must do’s on Social Media before the event:

  • Change your cover photo into “Hey! Let’s grab some coffee on WebSummit”
  • Make a post that you are going to visit this huge summit
  • Use hashtag #Websummit as much as you can

But you should know that no small amount of success depends on your behavior directly in the days of WebSummit.

So live your social media life in the days of this awesome event. Post photos, videos, write tweets, give likes, comments, tags, reposts from other people. Engage with people’s Social Media. Be proactive.

4. Engage with people

Meeting someone with badge – engage. This is the next rule you should remember for the WebSummit. So interact with people as much as it possible:

  • do your connections
  • ask people right questions
  • discover what they’re looking for
  • seeking for recommendations

But you also need to respect the time of each person and yourself. Thus, spend your time smarter. You have only 3 days –  the best case scenario – 72 hours. There will be 70 000 people. After calculating – about 4 seconds for each person. If you’re not a Superman you can’t deal with it. That’s why you should prioritize your activities and don’t forget – time is money.

5.  Follow up every day

Be ready to follow up almost every minute during the WebSummit:

  • find people you met on Social Media during your meeting or directly after it. Write them a message in which tell how you were glad to meet them and recall some things and details of the meeting. It will be very polite and nice for the recipient but also will help you to recollect the conversation after a while
  • take photo of business cards people you met and send to your colleagues at home, to communicate with these potential clients/partners/investors more;
  • set up your CRM automatically to schedule meetings

But what should you do when the WebSummit ends and you came back home? As fast as you can you need to work up the tons of business cards you gathered at the WebSummit – it will be a really huge base. By the way, for that, you can use our tool – Docsify – which provides you with all information about the recipient’s behavior in the email you sent.

Thus, at this stage starts the new important part of work. It can take a lot of time but we used to hear that people make a million dollars in such connections. So don’t be a lazybones!

Extra tips:

  • make QR on your business card (it’s interesting, stylish and really works!)
  • stock up on tons of business cards (they left directly in the moment of need!)
  • be ready to attend night events (few people know that exactly here the most grandiose deals close 😉 )

Have a good luck, work hard and dream big!

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