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Docsify as Streak alternative

Docsify as Streak alternative

Docsify and Streak are completely different tools. Streak is a CRM and Docsify is an In-Depth email tracking tool for sales communication. Here is a point that these tools may be the same. Docsify and Streak both tracks emails and optimizes the work for Gmail and Gsuite users. If you’re looking for CRM, and email tracking isn’t important for you, then you may consider Streak. But if you need to track and content your emails, please take a look at this comparison of email tracking capabilities.

Advantages of Docsify compared to Streak:

Take a look at the details comparison:

Crucial points:

Deep tracking

We’ve already posted that simply just tracking email open rates sucks. In brief, just tracking open rate doesn’t give you enough data to make the best decisions. Also, open rate tracking isn’t always 100% accurate. In contrast to Streak, we have deep analytics such as:

  • Link tracking
  • Per-page Document tracking
  • Website tracking – you’ll know what pages on your website have recipient visited after clicking the link from your email

New sales communication channels

It’s crucial to engage recipients and stand out from the crowd in this “spammy” world. That’s why Docsify has created unique features that will significantly increase your close-rate:

  • You may insert Facebook or Google re-targeting pixels in documents that you send, and set up special re-targeting campaigns just for those who read your documents.
  • You may insert Live Chats (ConvertFox, Intercom, and so on) javascript code into documents and communicate with your clients while they are reading your proposals or presentations.

CRM integration and lead prioritization

When we talk about CRM integration we need to remember that Streak is a CRM itself. However, what would happen if you use another CRM (for example, Pipedrive, SalesForce, SalesFlare or something else)? You can’t integrate Email tracking from Streak with your own CRM.

There are two ways to do that:

  • Auto-BCC. This means that emails that you send via Docsify will appear in your CRM.
  • Zapier integration (Streak also integrates with Zapier, but only as a CRM not as an Email tracking).


If you’re looking for Email tracking capabilities Docsify will give you much more tracking data and will let you use all this data to automate your sales workflow. If you’re looking for CRM within the Gmail, take a look at Streak. To feel the whole value, get 14 days free trial of Docsify Growth.