Docsify  ‚óŹ  April 17, 2018

Docsify as Mailtrack alternative

Docsify as Mailtrack alternative

Docsify isn’t just a basic email tracker – it goes further and shows much more data so that you can make much better decisions, and it saves you more time.

Advantages of Docsify compared to Mailtrack:

Take a look at the details of Pro plan comparison:

Crucial points:

Deep tracking

We’ve already posted that simply just tracking email open rates sucks. In brief, just tracking open rate doesn’t give you enough data to make the best decisions. Also, open rate tracking isn’t always 100% accurate.

So we’ve decided to make deep analytics such as:

  •  Document tracking – you’ll know how much time your recipient has spent on each page of the documents (PDFs, PPTs, DOCs) that you sent.
  •  Website tracking – you’ll know what pages on your website your recipient has visited after clicking the link from your email. With Docsify, you know how to make the next step with your clients to get maximum value!

Time saving

45% of salespeople’s time is wasted on non-effective work, such as writing the same emails again and again… or waiting for the best time to send a message.

It’s easily solved with Templates by Docsify and Send later:

  • You save customizable emails as templates and send them in one click.
  • If you want to send an email after some time you may use “Send later”.

Lead prioritization

Three quarters of the leads you’re talking with are not promising. They’re busy, not interested, don’t have time right now… That’s why we made lead prioritization to let you put your work with your most engaged contacts first on the dashboard – you can choose the best factors to suit your own workflow, for example: “I want to work first only on those contacts who read my document and spent more than one minute on it.”


Docsify tracks more, gives deeper data and saves more time for just an additional $3 per month. To experience the value, get a free 14 day trial of Docsify Pro.