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Docsify as Boomerang alternative

Docsify as Boomerang alternative

Docsify isn’t just an email tracker. It’s the complete sales-automation system that analyzes dozens of factors of the recipients’ interactions with anything you email them. You send emails as usual while Docsify makes money for you.

Advantages of Docsify compared to Boomerang:

Take a look at the details comparison:

Crucial points:

Deep tracking

We’ve already posted that simply just tracking email open rates sucks. In brief, just tracking open rate doesn’t give you enough data to make the best decisions. Also, open rate tracking isn’t always 100% accurate.

So we’ve decided to make deep analytics such as:

  •  Document tracking – you’ll know how much time your recipient has spent on each page of the documents (PDFs, PPTs, DOCs) that you sent.
  •  Website tracking – you’ll know what pages on your website your recipient has visited after clicking the link from your email. With Docsify, you know how to make the next step with your clients to get maximum value!

Team play

With Docsify, you will know the statistics for the whole team. You can see the open or click rates of each team member. Also, you get the detailed data about the average document opening-rate. It helps to find the areas that the team can improve.
Centralized billing makes your life much easier. There is no need to pay ten times during the month – just one simple billing system. And when you have a team, we give you sweet bonuses and discounts! 🙂

New sales communication channels

It’s crucial to engage recipients and stand out from the crowd in this “spammy” world. That’s why Docsify has created unique features that will significantly increase your close-rate:

  • You may insert Facebook or Google re-targeting pixels in documents that you send, and set up special re-targeting campaigns just for those who read your documents.
  • You may insert Live Chats (ConvertFox, Intercom, and so on) javascript code into documents and communicate with your clients while they are reading your proposals or presentations.

CRM integration and lead prioritization

3/4 of the leads you’re talking with are not promising. They’re busy, not interested, don’t have time right now…
That’s why we made lead-prioritization, to get you working with your most engaged contacts first.
It’s easy to get prioritized leads in your CRM (via Zapier or API), for example, if you want to create an auto-task in your CRM on those leads who just closed your proposals. One minute and you have it!
Compared to Boomerang, we want to help you convert all this tracking data into real deals and revenue. That’s why you can totally integrate your email activity on Docsify with any other tools (marketing automation, CRMs, and so on).


Docsify isn’t just an email tracker, in contrast to Boomerang – it’s a sales-automation tool that deeply analyzes the engagement of your recipients. Based on this tracking data, Docsify prioritizes your leads and creates auto-tasks in your CRM.
It tracks more, converts this data into real automation in your sales process, engages recipients, and it’s cheaper.
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