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15 Best hacks to improve productivity at the Workplace - Ideas, Tools & Benefits

15 Best hacks to improve productivity at the Workplace - Ideas, Tools & Benefits

Productivity is an idea chased by many but achieved by a few. It is a common effort by most people to try to be productive at their respective workplaces. People often try out very complicated methods of motivation to acquire this productivity. The overwhelming plans are often daunting and therefore, in vain. Contrary to popular belief, one can imbibe really simple qualities for a new found productive lifestyle

There are several notions that one can accommodate in their lives in order to enhance a sense of productivity. This can be a wide ranging set of things. It could be a simple habit or a special tool that one can use in their day-to-day lives.

Here is a list of 15 hacks: tips, tricks and tools that can be instrumental in boosting up your Productivity.

Ideas :    

Here we present you with a few basic essentials which need to be followed by an individual to be more productive:

1. Wake up earlier

Waking up a few hours earlier to have for yourself can enhance your productivity in really unexpected ways. Try waking up at 5 every morning. The idea is not to immediately start working. Instead, the first few hours of the day should be dedicated to waking up in positivity to look forward to the day. You can even drink a cup of hot lemon to start the day with a fresh vibe.

2. Schedule your Calendar

This is another important thing which most people undermine. Putting things to do and events on your calendar is not merely a way to remember your appointments. It helps to get a visual picture of how your week or even month is going to look like. This can help you be prepared for getting things done on time and feel accountable. The scheduling should be done in advance and not on the day itself. This is a pro tip to always remain productive.

3. Limit sources of distraction

While it is important to break off your daily tasks for a while, it is always advisable to limit your sources of distraction. Most importantly, the day shouldn’t start with a distraction like looking at your social media feed. Limiting the use of your smart phones for recreation can be a good step towards a productive lifestyle.

4. Have fuller meals

If you expect to conquer the day to the best of your potential, you sure can’t do it on an empty stomach. One might tend to be really engrossed in work and hence forget timely meals. This might not be evident but after a few hours it will not only start draining you but also affect the quality of your work. Even if you work for hours continuously, being busy isn’t the same as being productive. Having fuller and timely meals is taking care of your body and ensuring that it is more productive at the same time.

5. Music and meditation

In order for a higher level of focus and concentration your mind needs refreshing and relaxation from time to time. It might appear to be a waste of time for some. However, it is highly underrated how beneficial a few minutes of meditation each day can be. If you are a musical person, listening to music has its own benefits. You can even learn to play an instrument of your choice. These will have a direct impact on your everyday efficiency and productivity.

6. Set goals and deadlines

It is really important to set realistic goals and deadlines for tasks. You might want to give it all the time for better work quality. However, the key is to find the sweet spot. A time pace where you aren’t slacking but you aren’t flustered either. Deadlines are important for the work to be worth the time spent on it. It can go a long way in keeping you accountable and hence ensure progress.

Tools :

Productivity tools are being increasingly used to increase efficiency and productivity at work places. These can be in the form of team collaboration tools and applications that can facilitate instant messaging app for business. The use of productivity tools can really revolutionize the way your team works. Instantly updating your team about the on goings and the progress can save a lot of personal communication. One can focus their energy in being able to get more quality work done instead.

Here is a list of few such productivity tools which can go a long way in not only making your work simpler, but also ensuring higher level of productive outputs in your everyday work.

1. Docsify                  

If you’re part of a brand or business where you need to deal with online clients and customers; your life can be made a lot easier. Docsify is your one-stop destination here. With a free email tracking system, you can get a detailed report of the progress of your mail at different stages. Sometimes, it gets difficult to communicate across time zones. This problem is solved here as you can write mails in advance and set them up to be sent at a later hour. You can even get assistance in generating appropriate mails for different kinds of clients. What is amazing is it offers a wide array of features absolutely free of cost. The pro version retails at $9 per month for each user. It is an all in all to enhance your Gmail productivity ten-fold.

2. Troop Messenger

In recent times, Troop messenger has evolved as a top-notch office chat software application. It ensures smooth conversation experience to business users, teams, groups, etc., with its powerful chat-supportive feature-stack.

This  slack alternative is cross-platform enabled. It is available on Windows, Mac, Browser, Android, and iOS. The functional features which are shown on the user interface are quite self-explanatory. The user of the application can share the real-time desktop to any remote users for better knowledge of the tasks. The one-on-one video calling feature also allows the user to share the screen during the call.

Its time to try out new things! Give a sure shot on Troop Messenger, for a great team collaboration experience.

3. Asana                  

For focused teams and works of collaboration, Asana is an integrated work management platform. You can level up your team communication through the means of such office chat software. To create a clear blueprint of all your deadlines can be extremely effective in tracking your productivity. With an added organization at a team level one can easily stay on track with upcoming tasks and work. You can set your deadlines and prioritize tasks in order to finish more important ventures first. The premium plan is available at $9.99 for each user as billed annually. This can be a great team effort to enhance your productivity.

4. 1Password                  

This is another creative tool for helping us solve a really practical problem. With so many user accounts on different applications for work as well as personal use, logging in and out often becomes a hassle with the different passwords. One does not always feel comfortable saving the passwords owing to different devices which might be used by multiple people. 1Password is a password manager where the user can store all their different passwords and be able to access them efficiently. It retails at $2.99 per month and can be a great tool to keep your work secure and focus unstilted.

5. Evernote

Another important feature for productivity for some can be maintaining efficient note from their workplace. This can be either for school or college going students that have a bundle of notes to maintain. There are certain businesses or brands that need to maintained detailed notes from the clients. This can be really difficult to do with a bunch of notebooks all around. One might not always be able to type down these notes either. This is where Evernote steps in. With another level of customization and project management features, Evernote is not only a popular note taking community but also helps to track deadlines and keep up your efficiency levels. While you can get started for free, the premium version retails at $2.68 per month.

Benefits :

There are numerous employee benefits too that can aid to improve your productivity. These benefits also ensure better productivity.

1. Work From Home

There are several jobs that allow you the flexibility to work from home whenever you think it is needed. This can be highly beneficial as time for unnecessary commuting can be cut down and one can focus on the task at hand more efficiently.

2. Working time flexibility

You can even try to avail for options where you can choose your working hours. Some people tend to be more productive at certain times of the day as compared to others. This can also be highly beneficial for those with multiple jobs or commitments.

3. Timely breaks

It can be extremely beneficial to take breaks and boost your energy up regularly. This is important to not only maintain the quality to work but to prevent extreme exhaustion and fatigue which is highly undesirable.  

4. Growth Opportunities and educational benefits

One must make the best use of the opportunities and educational leniency that your workplace provides. To maintain and grow your productivity you need to ensure a constant growth in your work field.

5. Family Care

It is also important to maintain a work life balance for the maximum productivity. If things at the family end aren’t cared for it will eventually be stressful and a down fall is likely to be witnessed. Many jobs offer paid leaves and access for family care which should be utilized well.

Wrap Up:

These are some general and specific hacks that one can use in their work as well as personal life to ensure higher levels of productivity. Above all, one must remember that self- care is the basic key to all productivity. Only when one sustains the self, the self will sustain everything else!

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